Forum Guidelines

  • 28 Oct 2014 7:09 PM
    Message # 3135498
    Alex Wong (Administrator)

    Hi all,

    In regards to the forums, I would like to outline some of the guidelines. I have faith that all of you will follow the forum rules =)

    The following are strictly prohibited on the forums and any other parts of our website:

    1) The distribution of pornographic texts, images, multimedia, and links

    2) The posting of links to malicious websites

    3) The distribution of files containing viruses and spyware 

    4) Obscene content such as pictures and multimedia containing gore and violence

    5) The slandering of other members or the organization

    6) The use of inappropriate language

    7) The promotion of other websites, products, and services

    8) The use of spam bots

    If anyone does not adhere to the forum rules, disciplinary action will be enforced, which includes the banning of your account which may also hinder your status in the association.  

    If you notice anyone breaking the rules, please contact me ASAP. 

    Let's keep this a fun and safe place =)


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