About Us

The Wongs Youth Organization is a proud promoter of youth development in terms of academic, athletic, cultural and social growth. Through a broad program of activities highlighted by our Dragonboat Team, it brings together youth, fun, work and learning. Through these activities, young individuals are challenged to take responsibility for their own developmental needs

The Wongs Youth Organization was founded with the intention of:

  • promoting harmony between youth and their elders;
  • increasing community awareness;
  • promoting academic, cultural, community, athletic, and social development; and
  • encouraging the active involvement of young people in their communities.
Getting young people involved is one of the leading objectives of WYO. The Wongs Youth Organization provides youth with opportunities to make choices, build confidence, take responsibility, speak up on issues, cross borders, re-assess values, and have fun with other young people! To meet these objectives, WYO works in the following areas:

  • reinforcing the importance of family and friends through an extensive community network;
  • encouraging academic development through scholarships and other programmes;
  • increasing public awareness and progressing with technological advances by implementing a revamped website, which also enables youths to learn and take part in this electronic movement;
  • highlighting cultural values by coordinating events and activities;
  • supporting the youth development of a practical and relevant skill set by encouraging participation in meetings and providing opportunities to join the executive committee in a position of responsibility;
  • promoting team spirit and physical fitness by hosting athletic events; and
  • supporting community improvement through such volunteer initiatives as the United Way Walk-a-Thon, CN Tower Stair Climb, and Daily Bread Food Bank assistance.

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