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    • 02 Jun 2024
    • Wongs Association of Ontario, 303 Spadina Ave, 3rd Fl., Toronto

    Cantonese-style zongzi cooking class

    Date: Sunday June 2, 2024, 1:00pm to 5:00pm

    Location: Wongs Association of Ontario, 303 Spadina Ave, 3rd Floor, Toronto

    Class fee: None. All materials will be provided for.

    Registration deadline: Sunday May 26, 2024

    Join us and learn how to make zongzi, a sticky rice dumpling wrapped in bamboo leaves. There are many varieties that are sweet or savory but we will learn how to make traditional Cantonese-style zongzi filled with mung beans, Chinese sausages, mushrooms, salted egg yolks and dried shrimp.

    Our class will be taught by a few of our volunteer seniors at the Wongs Association to carry on the time-honored family tradition of preparing zongzi and passing it down to the younger generations. Class participants will prepare, eat and take home some of their self-made zongzi.

    Space is limited and registration is required for this community event. You can register for this class by visiting the Wongs Association HQ to sign the registration form OR by sending an email to us at wongsyouth@gmail.com (with your name, contact info, and if you wish to bring someone with you).

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