Who or What is WYO?

WYO stands for Wongs' Youth Organization. We are the youth group of the Wongs' Association of Ontario, providing volunteer opportunities for youth members and holding events both at our headquarters and at other locations within the GTA. We also have a Dragon Boat team! 

Where is WYO located?

We are conveniently located in the heart of Toronto's Chinatown in between Spadina Avenue and Dundas Street West, easily accessible by public transit and driving. Please see our contact page for a map of our location.

How much does it cost to join WYO? And can any one join?

Joining WYO is ABSOLUTELY FREE! All we ask for is your passion to assist us on our journey to make WYO an even greater place to be! 

Yes, anyone may join. We do have a lot of Wongs as volunteers but we welcome everyone, so don't be shy! 

What are WYO scholarships and book grants all about?

Every year, we reward our members with scholarships and book grants for their time committed into volunteering for us. They are to be used by our members to make the best of their education.

Where can I find the scholarship and book grant forms?

They are located on the forums as well as the members page. Please sign up or log in to access and download them. 

Can anyone join the WYO website?

While we do not restrict signing up to our website, each new member is screened by the administrator before allowing access. All we ask is that as a member you do not behave inappropriately, such as posting inappropriate content onto the forum or sending junk mail to members. If we are notified of unacceptable behaviour, YOU WILL BE IMMEDIATELY BANNED FROM THE ORGANIZATION, which will also hinder your scholarship/book grant status. 

I forgot my password! What do I do?

Please contact the website administrator for your password to be reset.

Can I gain volunteering hours by volunteering for WYO?

Please contact us for more information.

I have more questions, who can I contact for assistance?

For general inquiries please send your email to wongsyouth@gmail.com

For webpage inquiries please send your email to alexdukmingwong@gmail.com

You can also find us at headquarters on Sunday afternoon where there will be a WYO member who will be more than happy to answer your questions. 

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