Ching Ming Rituals

18 Jul 2018 11:30 PM | Alex Wong (Administrator)

As a part of our heritage, many of us (if not all) celebrate Ching Ming with our families each year. It is a time of unity within our families were we take time to appreciate one another and celebrate our accomplishments. But more importantly, it is a time of worship and giving thanks to our ancestors, for it is because of them we are living in our country and finding our own place we call home. And it is because of Ching Ming that our futures will be talking and looking back at our family roots for generations to come.

Please find below Ryan's annual Ching Ming tradition and how he celebrates every year. Thank you Ryan Wong for sharing your story!

I ask everyone to please share their own stories and Ching Ming rituals on here!

On Easter, we went to the cemetery that my grandpa was buried at and visited his grave.  When we were there, each person bowed three times.  After that we put some of his favorite foods on the ground and kept them there throughout the rest of the ritual.  The liquids were poured onto the grave but the food was eaten by the people attending after.  Incense and candles were burned and flowers were placed on the ground as well.  Finally, we burned special money in a pot in front of the gravesite.  After this, we visited my great grandparents’ and great grand uncle’s graves and performed the same ritual.

Ryan Wong

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