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WYO25 Celebrating 25 years 

By: Michael Wong, Creative Director

The Wong’s Youth Organization 25th Anniversary logo represents the rich history of the Wong Association of Ontario and its development of youth, culture and heritage.  The logo was based off an original design in which I created for my personal Dragon Boat paddle while paddling for the Wong’s Dragon Boat team.  My inspiration for the design was to create something modern that would resonate with youth and be a symbol for the Youth Organization moving forward.  I wanted to create a cohesive logo that would be a display of tradition, rejuvenation and unity within the organization.  The Wong’s Youth Organization embraces the Chinese Culture passed down through the generations, but also the North American culture in Canada.  It was important to incorporate the Canadian maple leaf in the design as many of the group members are first generation born Canadians but not forgetting what the generations before have sacrificed to allow us the freedom to live in this country.

The Wong Association of Ontario was one of the early pioneering organizations established to support first generation Chinese Canadians in Toronto.  The Wong’s Youth Organization established in 1989, represents a legacy that has been passed down through the generations and the future generations to come.  Our goal is to carry on tradition and honor the past and present Wong Association members that have come before us.

My name is Michael Wong and I am a proud member and Creative Director for the Wong’s Youth Organization.  I studied in 3D Animation at Humber College and have been working for Corus Entertainment – Nelvana Animation Ltd as a Technical Director for the past 4 years.

The Wong’s Youth Organization is proud to celebrate 25 years and we look to carry on the tradition of the Wong Association of Ontario – inspiring and invigorating youth for years to come.

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